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- Stamps Collection -

What I have learnt so far.
Good and Bad Stamp by SparkLum Im not pesimistic Im Realistic by stampystampy Religion by MaruLovesStamps
I Wanna Be Happy Stamp by mylastel Origin of Species by Earldense Always remember. by Snuf-Stamps
Respect-Stamp by Dinoclaws Opinions-Stamp by Dinoclaws My native language... by ttalktomesoftly
This Mindset... by mylastel Different Opinions Stamp by mylastel Killing's ALWAYS the answer, right? by The-Legend-Of-Burai
shit don't work that way cupcake by BaconMagic Just Don't by crazylaura64 Pentagram meaning stamp by Gewalgon by Gewalgon

Motivational Stamps. And reminders.
Reality... by Steamstrike True Artist Stamp by chibibarrage Flattery Stamp by DragoN-FX
Dont need to be popular Stamp by DragoN-FX Drawing by Tivari .: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot
Look Down - Help Up Stamp by Mirz123 Original Characters stamp by Purple-Jacket Mary-Sue Stamp by Feniiku
Once had a mary sue by shadow-otm I Support Imagination stamp by c3ph31d Critique Stamp by LhuneArt
Stamp: Fanchars are not OCs by Jammerlee Copy Stamp by DoctorMLoli Stamp - Critique by Fullmetal-Phantom
Anyone Can Critique by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me I love ugly characters by MissLunaRose Character Abuse by StamPorMole
It's ok to be different by Nice-Spice Mary-Sue Witch Hunt Stamp by kiss-the-thunder Stamp - Make Your Own by AmyJSmylie

About myself.
I Care by Locou Revenge? by converse-kidd-stamps Read it how you want... by converse-kidd-stamps
Oxford Stamp by Judah-Leonardo A Semicolon Stamp by CurlyHairedDemon FanFiction writer by BlackRainbow2327
Self-Taught Writer by World-Hero21 Reading is gold. by PixieRiot Talented Artist, No DD Stamp by lightpurge
Favorite Characters Stamp by Stamp221 Favorite Character Stamp 2 by Stamp221 Creativity in Artwork by fear-the-brilliance
Third Person Stamp by Autumn-Blizzard-Fang Chain Letters Stamp by SmandyDandy Friendships Don't Work That Way by savagebinn
I Talk to Myself Stamp by Latias-Flyer Yes, People... by RomanceSoldier I love Feedback by Sweet-DooDo
STAMP: Axe by BrokenGuardian Stamp: GIMP Pimp by foxlee I Love The Night by TheLoveTrain
Disconnected Stamp by SparklyDest I don't know you enough. by PrincessFlaw Autism... not a dunce cap. by StrawberryR
Stamp: I Read BANNED Books by tranimation-art Don't Rape by linawifeofL NO FANDOM'S PERFECT, GODDANGIT by SuperPoko
Butterfly Orange by SquallxZell-Leonhart Butterfly Brown by SquallxZell-Leonhart Butterfly Grey by SquallxZell-Leonhart
Yogscast Stamp by rubyeyes32 Failey Teep stamp by xISolvedTheThingJawn Mahogany Doors Stamp by EmberTheDragonlord

Stamp: X-Files intro by LuLuLunaBuna X-Files Stamp by SpectreSinistre STAMP: The X-Files by neurotripsy
Runes stamp by Skuld-Youngest-Norn Make A Way by EternalxRequiem Believe in Ghosts Stamp by LilyFlare
Cryptozoology Stamp by ThatMonster Demonology love by Ningyoplug Pentagram by EternalxRequiem
Love clock gears - stamp by JWiesner Old Man Stamp by WetWithRain Stamp: History Geek by spiffingsailor

♪~Bands I listen to~♪
Area 11 stamp by Flaky-Shy Area 11 Stamp by Thief-Of-Eternity

Games I <3 A LOT
Not all Sonic fans are idiots by SA948-Stamps Oh boy. by 1GoYoshiGo1 No Fancharacter Interaction by Blood-Of-Severity
:Stamp: Anti-Recolors by RaveLegend SONIC GALLERY by TaylorHunn Traced Bases stamp + rant by FrozenSerenade
Proud Sonic Artist Stamp by Karmarsi-Kedamoki Crush 40 stamp by Atlanta-Hammy Babylon Rogues Fan Stamp by DarkDijinArtie89
Sonic-fan stamp by animeroxygirl Shadow the Hedgehog (2006) Stamp by Natakiro Pro SonicxHuman by SA948-Stamps

Who Let the Dog Pokemon Out by The-Emerald-Otter

Magic - Green Mana Stamp by reggiewolfpro Magic - Black Mana Stamp by reggiewolfpro Magic - Blue Mana Stamp by reggiewolfpro

Einhander by DennyVuQuach R-Type Final by DennyVuQuach

Portrait Stamp: Hector by AndreAla-Rae Portrait Stamp: Soma by AndreAla-Rae Portrait Stamp: Arikado 2 by AndreAla-Rae Portrait Stamp: Mathias 2 by AndreAla-Rae Portrait Stamp: Walter by AndreAla-Rae
Stamp: Mathias + Elisabetha by AndreAla-Rae Portrait Stamp: Shanoa by AndreAla-Rae
Stamp: Joachim by AndreAla-Rae Stamp: Isaac by AndreAla-Rae Stamp: Dracula by AndreAla-Rae
Stamp: Castlevania +Hector+ by AndreAla-Rae Stamp: Castlevania +Leon+ by AndreAla-Rae Classic Castlevania Stamp by MorganRLewis
L and Castlevania food by OpheliaRosenblut I eat food Stamp by MiniGorbi
Bored Joachim stamp by OpheliaRosenblut In my time... -vampire- by MysticalTemptress

Outsider Stamp by justdacat Stamp 15 (Dishonored) by Synthetic--Ecstasy

monster hunter stamp by Xeno-striker Gods Eater Burst - Stamp by rose6211

Touhou... cause why not~?

I Heart Touhou Music Stamp by CyclopsHime Touhou project support stamp by Demire

Artists that I support! :w00t:
Stamp: DanSyron by chocolath DanSyron Stamp by DanSyron

Sonic FCs that I support~

Artemis satmp by HASBEAN Dj stamp by HASBEAN Gidget stamp by HASBEAN
Chris stamp by HASBEAN Stamp - Dimitri Fan by Joel-Grizzlebeard Laura Stamp by xLuminii
Draze Stamp by xLuminii COM: Romeo [Type1] by Peppermint-Kitten

And now for my Sonic FCs~
Stamp  Roslan By Shadow Enza by Axe-Cell

Le comics of epicness~
To get that girl fan stamp by SummerLovesSonic

I <3 TV ~^^
Adam Savage -stamp- by Chinchikurin WHEN IN DOUBT...-Stamp by LinZeldorf Bear Grylls by getanaxe

And Wildlife as well~
Tamaskan dog stamp by Tollerka I love Border Collies by WishmasterAlchemist I love Alaskan Malamutes by WishmasterAlchemist
I love Finnish Spitz by WishmasterAlchemist I love Papillons by WishmasterAlchemist I love Siberian Huskies by WishmasterAlchemist
I love Fennec Foxes by WishmasterAlchemist I love Swift Foxes by WishmasterAlchemist I love Bat-eared Foxes by WishmasterAlchemist
I love Maned Wolves by WishmasterAlchemist I love Mixed-breed Dogs by WishmasterAlchemist I love Dog Agility by WishmasterAlchemist
I love Tiffanies by WishmasterAlchemist I love Chartreux by WishmasterAlchemist I love Ocelots by WishmasterAlchemist
I love Tigers by WishmasterAlchemist I love Siberian Tigers by WishmasterAlchemist I love White Tigers by WishmasterAlchemist
I love Lynx by WishmasterAlchemist I love Snow Leopards by WishmasterAlchemist I love African Civets by WishmasterAlchemist
I love Weasels by WishmasterAlchemist I love Ferrets by WishmasterAlchemist I love Sables by WishmasterAlchemist
I love Stoats by WishmasterAlchemist I love Sugar Gliders by WishmasterAlchemist I love Numbats by WishmasterAlchemist
I love Honduran White Bats by WishmasterAlchemist I love Giant Pandas by WishmasterAlchemist I love Red Pandas by WishmasterAlchemist
I love Sea Turtles by WishmasterAlchemistI love Cobras by WishmasterAlchemist I love Leafy Seadragons by WishmasterAlchemist
I love Dolphins by WishmasterAlchemist I love Atlantic Spotted Dolphins by WishmasterAlchemist I love Narwhals by WishmasterAlchemist
I love Crows by WishmasterAlchemist I love Ravens by WishmasterAlchemist I love Black Vultures by WishmasterAlchemist
I love Eurasian Eagle-Owls by WishmasterAlchemist I love Egyptian Vultures by WishmasterAlchemist I love White Peafowl by WishmasterAlchemist
I love Vampire Squid by WishmasterAlchemist I love Griffins by WishmasterAlchemist I love Dragons by WishmasterAlchemist

In the memory of great Artisans of our time :salute:
RIP - Brian Jacques by Acorntail
This is going to be a tough order, considering that I hardly know who the two artists that Miss Shaymikuu have mentioned in her advertisement journal, but I'm willing to help out as well, since matters like this are no joke. I'll be straightforward with what I have to say regarding this issue, considering that... I'm not confident about my skills in convincing people. Still, it's worth a shot.

.: Advertising an advertisement :.... It maybe a bit of a tongue twister, but this is an emergency notice that has occurred ...~ ; o ; I'm going to advertise two different journals that is going to be connected to one ... or something out of that area ...~ ; v ; Let me make it a simple cup of tea ... you see, my best friend, Solbliminal is need of assistance to pay off a loan ... so, he is doing emergency commissions ... the prices are rather fair for his style since he works his heart out to satisfy each piece to make it absolutely splendid~ > v < more information can be found the journal below:

And not only that but Miss. Ana aka s-94 is also doing commissions to support the cause ... her style is something out of the ordinary that you just don't see everyday ... it's something wonderful with a "cartoony" feel and wonderful anatomy proportions, etc. ... if you are interested, click the journal below for more information ... and please do not complain about the prices ... it s
 Here's Shaymikuu's journal if you guys want to know what I'm talking about in the first paragraph.

Anyways.... this here's thee journal that she is advertising for :iconsolbliminal:Solbliminal regarding his need to return to college.
Commission Deal / LS OFFLINEHello watchers~ As most of you know, I've been struggling with money issues that have been plaguing me and preventing me from returning to college. Right now I'm in a desperate situation where I just couldn't pull through for a payment on my loan this month. So I'm offering an emergency commission deal to get me back on my feet. Those who want a commission from me can note me for a negotiable price. I'll work with you all to reach a price that is affordable to you! Just please note that I put a lot of hard work and effort into my art pieces, and this emergency commission deal is just to help me with this particular payment. I'll be looking forward to drawing for you all.
My commissions are going to be poured into my college funds so I can return to college (as most of you already know). These funds will allow me to return to my college. I'm putting all

I myself know how important education is to those who are strive for the dream jobs that these people are targetting for, so please, do give him some financial support, even if it's just a tiny bit, for every small amount counts to a bigger cause.

While I'm at it, here's another commissions journal featuring :icons-94:s-94, who has opened her commissions to help out Mister :devsobliminal: as well, cause friends help friends out of their problems, no?
Helping out/ PayPal Commission Open:iconsolbliminal: need help!
 read info.
I'll be opening up commission to help him out. :heart: Smo is also opening up commission as well if you interesting purchasing some. Go click that link!
It be nice if anyone advertise this journal too.
I'll be opening on PayPal Only, no points. Sorry > . <
What I can draw..
+18 mature arts
-Any mature arts. Clean to hardcore.
.....Yeah...I can draw anything whatever you have in mind x,D
What I can't draw
Human.... i can try
> 3 >
How do I purchase
Send me on note. So I can keep track on those commission.
There also a bundle pack too!
For that send me a note so we can talk about the price. Pretty cheap too if you do get a bundle pack. Just letting you know.
:star: Price :star:


Full col

Honestly though, Miss Shaymikuu has worded this much better than I did. Still, the least that you can do is to help spread the word about both Mister Solbliminal and Miss s-94's commission journals, my fellow watchers, if you guys can't afford to help via Paypal, of course.


Night Magic by HASBEAN

Well here's a little something that one rarely sees in your gallery, miss. The combination of stardust-like effects surrounding Artemis...

I've been expecting you.... by HASBEAN

Teeheehee, first critique~ *shot* Ahem, as I was supposed to be saying, I shall begin with the parts that needs to be improved: 1# The ...


Axe-Cell has started a donation pool!
1,026 / 10,000
-Commissions List-
Axe's guide to commissioning Axe-Cell. ;)
Step 1: Check status. If 'Open', please proceed to Step 2. If not, please check at another time.
Step 2: Note or comment on my page, and we shall discuss of your commission details.
Step 3: You may choose to pay on the spot or later. The latter option is only for those that I trust, so be wary.
Status: Open
- I have the right to decline a commission request if it involves sensitive issues, which I believe most of you would already know of. Tread lightly.
Number of Slots available: 4
- ashy101hedgehog's character(s) Akura – Traditionally Coloured, Inked Lineart + Coloured Background
Total: 25 :points: -Paid-
Status: Awaiting for her character(s) colour scheme so that I can get colouring.
- ChocoNya's character(s) Jizeru and Roslan – Traditionally coloured, Inked Line-art
Total: 20 :points: -Paid-
Status: Needs to plan how to draw the two characters with a murderous Doll.
- :dev:'s character(s) *insert name here* – *insert option here*
Total: // :points: -Paid/Unpaid-
- :dev:'s character(s) *insert name here* – *insert option here*
Total: // :points: -Paid/Unpaid-
- :dev:'s character(s) *insert name here* – *insert option here*
Total: // :points: -Paid/Unpaid-
Number of Slots taken: 1
Types of Commissions available:
- Clean Sketch (10 :points:)
Examples: Collection of -Gifts- by Axe-Cell (Gift) Drake6401 by Axe-Cell

- Inked Lineart (15 :points:)
Examples: -AT- Take a seat, relax... by Axe-Cell

- Traditionally coloured, Inked Lineart (20 :points:)
- Additional Option(s): Markers can be used instead, or a combination of both Markers and Colour Pencils. (The latter would cost 25 :points:)
Examples: -Art Trade- Young Mind by Axe-Cell -Birthday Gift- Banded Song by Axe-Cell Deceptive Purity -Comm ashy101hedgehog- by Axe-Cell

* You may request for a Background in your commission. There are three options:
- Simple Coloured Background: +5 :points:
- Detailed Ink Coloured Background: +10 :points:
** An extra character for Inked Lineart w/o colour would be +5 :points:. An Inked Lineart with colour would be +10 :points:.

You must be logged in to donate.


'Axe' will do. It's simple.
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Muahaha, welcome, my pretties, to a place where I would call 'My Page'. As you can see in my gallery, I'm into the world of Sonic Fan Characters, but rarely the Blue Blur himself. Why? you would ask. Well, that's because I prefer to do my work with my own roster of characters than a group that rightfully belongs to a well-known company.

But that doesn't mean I would put my full attention onto Sonic Fan Characters alone. I have other interests too, such as photography (though my 'camera' sucks), poetry and song-writing (so what? Sue me). I have a goal on deviantArt, and that is to improve as much as I can with my craft (literature and artistically speaking)! Quite a cliche goal, yah, but its healthy to be a little cliche. ;) It's just a matter of resisting the temptation of falling into its grasp.

But anyways, aside from that wonky introduction that I've made, I'm just your atypical villainous philosophical game-loving nerd who's occasionally mistaken for another ethnic group when I clearly am not. Rarely do I initiate a conversation with anyone, even amongst my group of friends or within my own family, but I won't bite, even if you barked at me first. I'm practically alright with just about anything on this planet, so as long as you don't step our of the borders of honour, of course.

Favourite genre of music: Quite a wide range actually, from Classical Songs to Heavy Metal, but a majority of my preferred songs are of the New Age.
Favourite photographer: A classmate of mine *whistles*
Favourite style of art: Sonic-style, the environment, sharp and pointy thing mostly. :3
Operating System: Windows XP (no, not an emote)
MP3 player of choice: Ye`olde I-pod Shuffle.
Favourite cartoon character: Sonic the Hedgehog. And Shadow the Hedgehog.
Personal Quote: You'll never know if you don't try – by Area 11, Moonquest: An Epic Journery


TV Shows: Who else watches these? 

5 deviants said Mythbusters
2 deviants said Ghost Hunters with TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society)
1 deviant said The Pickers, Pawn Stars, King's of Restoration, Counting Cars
No deviants said Oddities
No deviants said Yogscast (on Youtube, of course)


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...on Secrets - A Dark Flame Story

I apologize for the late thank-you. My mother passed away shortly after the DD and things were difficult.
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